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 Warrior Fury Dps

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PostSubject: Warrior Fury Dps    Warrior Fury Dps  I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2012 2:40 am

1. Personal Information:

Name: Aws Mohammed
Age: 21
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Occupation: Out Of Everything At this Moment i Just Got My Paycheck from the Government and i spend most of my time in the game or a Coffee Shop To Play Some Cards Smile and i own them

The hours you can dedicate to raiding.

Simple Answer i Can attend to Ever Day of The Week ( If God May ) .
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday –

- Tell us anything that could prevent you from getting to raid on time or making you have to take a break and/or leave (dinner, taking out the garbage or having to walk the dog at a specific time) Answer, Yes or No. If yes, please explain (in detal) what it is and at what times:

Well the only Thing That u should know that maybe keeping me out of raiding is if i died or someone Died and ofc family Gather which its a Rare Thing.

2. System information:[/b]

- Technical specifications of your computer / s:
(Please include information about your computer / s RAM, Microprocessor, Graphics card basically).

i7 Intel(R) Core(TM) CPU @2.67Ghz 2.79

Graphic Card Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2Gb
- Technical characteristics of your connection:


- How much ping are you used to playing with?

150-120 120-100 90-80

- How much FPS do you have in:



Raid Places:

50-55 in

5 Man Heroic's:


- In Intuition we use ventrilo to talk during raids and believe that its use is necessary to maintain a smooth and effective communication.

I have Ventrilo: I used to have My own Ventrilo System when i was Raiding without a Guild .
I have Microphone: I have a Working Mic
I speak by Ventrilo: just if u needed me to Smile

3. Your character Information:

Current Guild:PentaDolls
Class and Spec:Warrior Fury
Professions:Jewel Craft Black Smith
Total time played:81 days 9 hours
Time played this level:5 days 19 hours

- Armory Link: (

- Gear upgrades: Gear choices, Gem choices:
Tell us here what Gems you currently use in which sockets (+Hit in Blue, +Haste in yellow, etc). (Use links to Wowhead for the new gear that you wish to upgrade to):

i put 320 Critical in every Socket of the gear if i needed the socket bonus it must be at least 60 Strength because which i can see from my Gear the I have Enough Strength And i need More Critical Chance Because i'm Fury And its Needed .

if i had a blue Socket and i want the Socket Bonus i would go with Crit+hit (piercing wild Jade ) as much i can get hit from the gems i can easily Reforge some items to get more critical chance which is 1st priority for the fury Warrior .

- Offspec
(If you have gear and experience with another spec of your class, comment about it here)

i used to Be Protection and i was Tanking In Bastion of Twilight - Blackwing Descent - Throne of the four Winds - Firelands

Dragon soul So i do Got Enough Experience To Tank and I would If needed in Any time .

- Alts:
(Any alts that you have (at max level) that you have a decent level of experience with that could be used in our Alt Raids)

No i'm afried that idont have any alts i just got my warrior Smile

4. Information about Previous guilds:

- Write which instances you have done at level cap.
(For any instances tht you did not kill the final boss in, say how which boss you got up to and did not kill. For WotLK and Cata raids provide 10 man, 10 man HC, 25 man and 25 man HC.)

Wrath Of the Lich King

Ice Crown citadel

Normal 10

Lady Whisper - Gun Ship - professor putricide - Prince Valanar - Blood Queen - Lich King

Heroic All of Them - Lich King None


(Bastion of Twilight )

Normal All

Heroic Halfus

(Blackwing's Decent )

Normal Cleared

Heroic None

(Throne of the four Winds )

Normal Cleared

Heroic None

(Firelands )

Normal Cleared 25-10

Heroic Cleared 25 got only 6/7 heroics

(DragonSoul )

Normal Cleared 25-10

Heroic Cleared 25 Warlord only

- In what encounters you had been stagnant/progressing for longer amounts of time?
(Describe here what boss's held you and your guild up for a longer amount of time then you expected and why.)

Heroic Raganors and Heroic Spine But Raggy was a bad ass Smile

- About your previous guilds:
(Indicates which guilds you have been a part of, which characters you were playing and what happened to make you leave/get kicked).

all The guilds That i left From Was Lacking Of Raiding And Lacking of Supporting from the guild members or
Officers .

5. UI and style of play:

- Your addons:
(Make a short list of your UI addons you find most helpful and necessary to fulfill your role in raid.)

Skada Damage Meter

Deadly Boss Mode

Tidy Plates

Threat Meter

- Screenshot(s) of your UI:
(Where your interface of raid is seen well, with keybinds visible. You can use imageshack or xs to raise jpg)

- Experience using addons:
(Do you have problems when installing a new addon? Do you use any manager/client? Can you change the LUA code of the addons to fix mistakes or change things to your liking?)

i use wowmatrix client i prefer it more then curse client wowmatrix is small client and light and i dont have any problems with installing new addons

Any combat report(s) to show how you perform in raids, please post it here

6. Intuition and You

- Why you connect every day to the World of Warcraft?

Since i started This Game and intell this day i was just mad at the game Because ididnt find a guild That Suits me or Suits my Needs to Become a Core Raider and Be Friendly With others And Progress More And Make Records in this game .

- How important is loot for you?
(Explain in detail the reasons for your answer.)

i was just mad once in my life about loot but it didn't effect my perform on raid or anything .

i was Core Raider in a guild Called Entropy which was in GRimbatol Server alliance Side

the shield dropped from Gate Keeper in firelands Heroic and i was the off tank At this Time The Loot System Was Epgp
and i lost the item to a healer Which was MAIN SPECKED ! Healer in that raid and the reason that they told me was ...
he's going to be the main tank and he needs the gear more then you do and at that time ihad a blue Shield From Blacksmith at ilvl of 359 and the Shield was 391 Heroic .

i wont have mind if they said to me that he will be the main tank or anything .. it just wasnt a good thing to do it was like a surprise to me .

- Ability to contribute ideas to the progression of our raids:
(What role do you adopt when it comes time to meet a new boss and create a new strategy, or if you see something not working?)

i always Come Prepared For Raids and Saved Tacts And if it needed some day To share it with the guild or anything i'm More Then Happy to do that . But i'm Sure that this Guild Have One of the best Raid leaders and i'm welling to help at anyway if needed .

- Do you think you've hit the end of your carerr with your character in World of Warcraft?

ill never Get Tired From My Warrior Even if we get Nerfed all the time but its the only character that i'm happy playing with .

-Why do you choose Intuition?

i heard alot about this guild and i iwish to be honest to become a raider in the guild Someday .

- What do you expect from Intuition?

first thing is that i know this guild got a Stable Raiding team That raids since the start of this game ..
and what i will offer to the guild

A stable Raider - Always on Time - 100% Attendance to the raid .

- Do you have anybody in Intuition that can speak to us for you?
(if yes, specify their names and what you know.)


- Additional Information:
(Give us comment's about any aspect that you consider important for you and was not in previously form.)

i rather not Answering this Question because ididnt understand it very well .

7. To finalize...
- Finally, tell us a joke:
(No, not kidding. This section we take VERY serious!)

Well i dont think ill pass this .

Knock knock

Who's There !? :S

its Darko I kill you !

New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.

thats why i cannot put some links
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Warrior Fury Dps
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