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 Issen (Hunter)

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PostSubject: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 6:21 pm

1. Personal Information:

Name: Isak
Age: 22
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: Supply Teacher, Filmworked and soon to be Amusement park worker

The hours you can dedicate to raiding.

Monday - There aren't really any days I'm schedueled to be unavailable. I'll know from time to time but I do know I'm mostly available.
Tuesday - Around 18-late
Wednesday - Around 18-late
Thursday - Around 18-late
Friday - Around 18-late
Saturday - Around 18-late
Sunday – Around 18-late

- Tell us anything that could prevent you from getting to raid on time or making you have to take a break and/or leave (dinner, taking out the garbage or having to walk the dog at a specific time) Answer, Yes or No. If yes, please explain (in detal) what it is and at what times:

I always go by the principle that when I'm in for playing I don't go for dinner and stuff in the middle of it. I take care of all expected stuff before that. So only in case of emergencies will I leave.

2. System information:[/b]

- Technical specifications of your computer / s:
(Please include information about your computer / s RAM, Microprocessor, Graphics card basically).

Intel I7 2,67ghz
6gb ram
Geforce GTX 560 Ti

- Technical characteristics of your connection:

25/5 but upgrading to 100/10 when Im movin' in 2-3 weeks.

- How much ping are you used to playing with?

Around 50-60

- How much FPS do you have in:

Stormwind/Orgrimmar: 60

Raid Places: 60

5 Man Heroic's: 60

More or less always topped.

- In Intuition we use ventrilo to talk during raids and believe that its use is necessary to maintain a smooth and effective communication.

I have Ventrilo: Yes
I have Microphone: Yes
I speak by Ventrilo: Yes, probably too much so you'll give me a gag ball to chew on =)

3. Your character Information:

Name: Issen
Server: Ahn'Qiraj
Current Guild: Mighty Rising
Class and Spec: Hunter Survival
Professions: JC and Ench both full
Total time played: 148 days
Time played this level: 36 days

- Armory Link: (

Go look for Issen. The forum won't let me post the link Smile

- Gear upgrades: Gear choices, Gem choices:
Tell us here what Gems you currently use in which sockets (+Hit in Blue, +Haste in yellow, etc). (Use links to Wowhead for the new gear that you wish to upgrade to):

Uhm, havin fun is the most important thing. Else i'm just into hunter gear.

- Offspec:
(If you have gear and experience with another spec of your class, comment about it here)


- Alts:
(Any alts that you have (at max level) that you have a decent level of experience with that could be used in our Alt Raids)

Paladin with protection specc

4. Information about Previous guilds:

- Write which instances you have done at level cap.
(For any instances tht you did not kill the final boss in, say how which boss you got up to and did not kill. For WotLK and Cata raids provide 10 man, 10 man HC, 25 man and 25 man HC.)

In Cata everythings dead and 4/8 HC in DS and 7/8 in FL. 10 man on both. Back in WOTLK I think I did everything but The arena and ICC because I took a break around when it was released.

- In what encounters you had been stagnant/progressing for longer amounts of time?
(Describe here what boss's held you and your guild up for a longer amount of time then you expected and why.)

Hagara HC. Only because some people refuse to learn to share ice lances or not move fast enough with their partner on lightning.

- About your previous guilds:
(Indicates which guilds you have been a part of, which characters you were playing and what happened to make you leave/get kicked).

The only guild I've been in recently enough to mention is Mighty Rising which I'm still in. They're nice and I like lots of them but the schedule we have isn't really hardcore and not even then do the required people show up. Always someone with a lame excuse who abuses the fact that we're depending on him or her.

5. UI and style of play:

- Your addons:
(Make a short list of your UI addons you find most helpful and necessary to fulfill your role in raid.)

Just using DBM.

- Screenshot(s) of your UI:
(Where your interface of raid is seen well, with keybinds visible. You can use imageshack or xs to raise jpg)

- Experience using addons:
(Do you have problems when installing a new addon? Do you use any manager/client? Can you change the LUA code of the addons to fix mistakes or change things to your liking?)

No problem though like said not really using any.

Any combat report(s) to show how you perform in raids, please post it here

6. Intuition and You

- Why you connect every day to the World of Warcraft?

Not everyday but mostly. Thing keeping me is the social sphere that comes from raiding, doin dungeons etc...

- How important is loot for you?
(Explain in detail the reasons for your answer.)

It's a way to progress ur own character though I don't care when I don't get stuff right away. I only get mad when people who don't deserve it gets it (that would be people for example slacking for months and then showin up suddenly and getting tons or someone goin afk during all the boring stuff such as clearing trash etc etc)

- Ability to contribute ideas to the progression of our raids:
(What role do you adopt when it comes time to meet a new boss and create a new strategy, or if you see something not working?)

I'll probably open my mouth as soon as I feel welcome enough in the group.

- Do you think you've hit the end of your carerr with your character in World of Warcraft?

No not yet. It doesen't end untill it becomes boring.

-Why do you choose Intuition?

Well part from stickin to this server since the it first saw the light of dawn like some of the members there aren't that many others around. That doesen't mean you would be lowest on some personal ranking list but it would be kinda hypocritic to say that ur the best among so many.

- What do you expect from Intuition?

A good laugh and a slap in the face Smile

- Do you have anybody in Intuition that can speak to us for you?
(if yes, specify their names and what you know.)

Justtears who I recently played with. Fehlindra who I played with back in the older days in Requiem I think it was. Crazia and Casthaneda might not remember me but I remember them.

- Additional Information:
(Give us comment's about any aspect that you consider important for you and was not in previously form.)

Like said I might talk too much. But I'm a soft guy and as long as I'm met with repect and joy I'll give it back. I love to have a laugh. If there weren't any then noone would be playin this game on end game.

7. To finalize...
- Finally, tell us a joke:
(No, not kidding. This section we take VERY serious!)

Well do you know how to save a Norwegian from drowning? (This is where you answer "no") Good!
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PostSubject: Re: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 8:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2012 8:25 pm


But I'm a soft guy...

We dont like soft guys.

Other than that, i would say proper apply. It may take few days to get final answer. We will stay in touch.

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PostSubject: Re: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 9:45 pm

Ofc i remember u Issen ^^

Did tons of 5 man hc's and Obsidian Slayer at the start of wrath togeather.

We would like to welcome you aboard, contact me or one of the other officers ingame and you will be invited on a trial.

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PostSubject: Re: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 11:58 am

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PostSubject: Re: Issen (Hunter)   Issen (Hunter) I_icon_minitime

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Issen (Hunter)
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