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 Apply Pichico mainly warr apply

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PostSubject: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:30 pm

1. Personal Information:

Øystein bråten lang



doing nothing else then gaming! might go out in weekends

The hours you can dedicate to raiding.

Monday - all day
Tuesday - all day
Wednesday - all day
Thursday - all day
Friday - all day
Saturday - mayby preffer to go out? but all day if nothing else
Sunday – all day + hangover

- Tell us anything that could prevent you from getting to raid on time or making you have to take a break and/or leave (dinner, taking out the garbage or having to walk the dog at a specific time) Answer, Yes or No. If yes, please explain (in detal) what it is and at what times:
Nothing special really.. might go out skiing but shouldnt be in way of raiding.

2. System information:[/b]

- Technical specifications of your computer / s:
(Please include information about your computer / s RAM, Microprocessor, Graphics card basically).
ait! dont know much about comps but but...
Im playing on a normal gaming PC.
using razer naga mouse
and I got a good headset with a good mic

- Technical characteristics of your connection:
6gb ram
intel core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67ghz
geforce gtx 580

using cable for network. never lagg or having DC's : )

- How much ping are you used to playing with?
40 - 50ish

- How much FPS do you have in:

60+ with VLC on my other screen
Raid Places:
20 - 40 depends on the fight
5 Man Heroic's:

- In Intuition we use ventrilo to talk during raids and believe that its use is necessary to maintain a smooth and effective communication.

I have Ventrilo: yes
I have Microphone: yes
I speak by Ventrilo: yes, and like to talk and have fun outside raids!

3. Your character Information:

Server:2 on kor'gall 1 on outlands (allready ally)
Current Guild: Im a officer in a guild called jolly rogers, been up for over 5 years now active 25man. in cataclysm i've been the tactic nerd. but early into the DS patch ppl slacked, and kor'gall is just like ahn'qiraj (dying and lack of people) and its hard to keep up with the 10man guilds as a 25man so ppl left / break / swtor etc.
Class and Spec:
I got moste experience as a fury warrior, since i've played it since TBC, was in moste guilds in wotlk with veexy and all those in unusual dominance and another guild that I dont remember inthe start of wotlk.

started my druid in cata, been boomkin since the start always trying to improve

rogue I geared him up for a 10man group we were doing, but i stopped cause i went to swtor when my guild died.

warrior is 525 JC / ench
druid is 525 alch/engi
rogue is 525 skinning / LW
Total time played:
druid : 54days
warrior: 310 days
rogue: 9days

Time played this level:
druid: 44days
warrior: 22days
rogue: 6days Very Happy

- Armory Link: (

wouldnt let me link armory links no idea why got the message "New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."

undervurder on kor'gall Horde
braaten on kor'gall horde
Slemmo on outlands alliance

- Gear upgrades: Gear choices, Gem choices:
Tell us here what Gems you currently use in which sockets (+Hit in Blue, +Haste in yellow, etc). (Use links to Wowhead for the new gear that you wish to upgrade to):

hm the upgrades on warrior / rogue is pretty much overall from the normal DS, druid is better geared

when it comes for gems, all the gems on the chars are blue gems, mostly going for the red gems if the bonus aint worth it.

- Offspec:
(If you have gear and experience with another spec of your class, comment about it here)
been restoration druid for a while aswell, so gear is fine.

- Alts:
(Any alts that you have (at max level) that you have a decent level of experience with that could be used in our Alt Raids)

4. Information about Previous guilds:

- Write which instances you have done at level cap.
(For any instances tht you did not kill the final boss in, say how which boss you got up to and did not kill. For WotLK and Cata raids provide 10 man, 10 man HC, 25 man and 25 man HC.)

hey, cataclysm have been really bad for me when it comes to raiding because of the server i picked out if you ask me.
cleared the normal 25's
firelands 25cleared

had problems with getting 25mans up, took 10man group cleared 6/7 hc in firelands with my druid.
had a active 10man group on my warrior did 5/7 HC

- In what encounters you had been stagnant/progressing for longer amounts of time?
(Describe here what boss's held you and your guild up for a longer amount of time then you expected and why.)

spent a while on ragnaros 25man pre nerf, finally got it down before the nerf. nothing special tbh.

- About your previous guilds:
(Indicates which guilds you have been a part of, which characters you were playing and what happened to make you leave/get kicked).

well my warrior in wotlk was just in Unusual dominance and another guild dont remember the name, but it disbanded
I had a lot of fun with the people in unusual, but when we reached up to sapphiron in wotlk i took a break. had a big break for around half a year or something till cataclysm came out.

lvled my druid, joined a guild called jolly rogers since they were one of the only 25man guilds. after firelands came out i got promoted to officer got lots of friends and the people there is great, and its sad we couldnt keep it up cause ppl want more hardcore progress so they went to 10man guilds or other servers.

5. UI and style of play:

- Your addons:
(Make a short list of your UI addons you find most helpful and necessary to fulfill your role in raid.)
Im using a UI called ELVUI, skada, dbm , timers for important spells

- Screenshot(s) of your UI:
(Where your interface of raid is seen well, with keybinds visible. You can use imageshack or xs to raise jpg)
couldnt link it... but!
im using all num lock on the naga + shift 12345 SQ SE etc.

using lots of keybindings cause of razer naga : ) hehe

- Experience using addons:
(Do you have problems when installing a new addon? Do you use any manager/client? Can you change the LUA code of the addons to fix mistakes or change things to your liking?)
i've always had fun with diffrent addons trying to change looks etc, so im used to it.
Im not good with LUA codes. using Curse client and updating everytime its something new to update

Any combat report(s) to show how you perform in raids, please post it here

6. Intuition and You

- Why you connect every day to the World of Warcraft?
why is a good question, I would guess its the people i play with mainly. but its also the erge of doing something! I dont like to be bored.
and.... (i hope you are sitting) I've never been in RBG or arena almoste since tbc. its just so much talk about CR and all that stuff Very Happy

- How important is loot for you?
(Explain in detail the reasons for your answer.)
Loot isnt important, BUT i want to keep up with dps. cause I never like to look bad or do bad.

- Ability to contribute ideas to the progression of our raids:
(What role do you adopt when it comes time to meet a new boss and create a new strategy, or if you see something not working?)
I can come with comments if its needed. cause i wanne kill it aswell so why not if you might have a idea! Smile

- Do you think you've hit the end of your carerr with your character in World of Warcraft

well to be honest, thats why im applying now. i took a break to play swtor when it came out.
I was first on my server in swtor to max lvl, was in a hungarian hardcore guild ended up beeing realm first on all kills in PVE
but swtor got nothing else to come up with, and the end content was just to boring to keep up with. unsuscribed!

-Why do you choose Intuition?
why. veexy is here! and you have been up for ages. progress is good.

- What do you expect from Intuition?
well some social members outside raids, active people and raids Smile

- Do you have anybody in Intuition that can speak to us for you?
(if yes, specify their names and what you know.)
all the old people from unusual dominance! dont know who is here, veexy, mammon?, saph

- Additional Information:
(Give us comment's about any aspect that you consider important for you and was not in previously form.)
I like to have fun. raiding and playing is supposed to be fun. and also serious Smile

and yes I preffer to play my warrior, cause I enjoy it the moste. played it for ALONG time Smile and he's allready alliance

i tried to link screen pic + links for armory but just got this message:
New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.

so i just ignored it :> attached the picture to the apply

7. To finalize...
- Finally, tell us a joke:
(No, not kidding. This section we take VERY serious!)

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PostSubject: Re: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:01 pm

i was in healing spree with Pichico for a month back in ToC, he's a really good fury warrior.
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PostSubject: Re: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:11 pm

aah healing spree ! how could I forget hah didnt know you were in here aswell kangaxx : o long time no see ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:27 pm

yey! gief Pichico!

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PostSubject: Re: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:32 am


/w CL, Officer for invite
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PostSubject: Re: Apply Pichico mainly warr apply    

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Apply Pichico mainly warr apply
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