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 HI there folks.

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HI there folks. Empty
PostSubject: HI there folks.   HI there folks. I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 11:04 am


I've tried registering, but I see you have a nifty little thingy with some code required for the activation of the account. Smile

I'm trying to contact you, because I've received news from Dottiie some time ago that you had trouble with old websites. I've fixed that almost immediatelly, but at that time also promised Blademkd that I'll promote him to admin on forum, so that you can take care of it all by yourselves, without need for me anymore.

I've done that, but while doing this I've noticed that the old forum and dkp sites are dead now, unused for couple weeks at least or even months.

It's a sad sight to see, especially given the fact how much history of the guild still remains there, but I guess you just had to make do with me being in hospital and not responding about the forum crisis.

Anyhu, if you want to go back to the old forum, Blademkd now has all admin rights there and I'll be sending him and e-mail shorlty about how to access SQL DB directly and FTP. If you want to stay here, fine all the same, gl to you and have fun. Smile

I hope that the guild is doing well and that it still contains at least some of the old folks. I've just taken a look at the old dkp sites and it kind of made me really gloomy thinking about the good old days and how it all ended. :/ Pity. I read the names on the board, thought about all the raids and felt really sad.

There's no coming back to AQ for me tho, my wedding is getting close and I barely have time for WoW atm as it is and most probably Ulduar will be last hard-core progress for me. Then I'm most probably going casual and hoping that my current guild will thrive and that in it I may find a spot for myself as a veteran in one of the farming raids they do in the future content, so that I may experience it first hand, not just by YouTube. Razz

As for current progress we saw ~half of the Ulduar bosses on PTR and so far we perceive no trouble with downing them on normal modes and in some cases also on hard modes. We're keenly reading all info about bosses which were available on US testing or which we didn't witness personally as a guild raid and we're anxious to see the final bosses when we get there finally on live. Current content became horridly boring, so we're hoping for Ulduar to come live soon. Hope you manage to progress there well as a guild. I was still hoping before WotLK that I might manage to level my Warlock to 80 and if you have any trouble with any instance come and help, but with the time I have now I believe that my lock will remain 70 untill Blizzard powers down last WoW server.

Anyhu... wave to you and I hope you're having fun. And excuse me for not visiting more often, but TBH it puts me in quite a gloomy mood, due to all the memories of the days long gone. Things will never be the same, etc. :/
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HI there folks.
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