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 A "Few" Suggestions

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A "Few" Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: A "Few" Suggestions   A "Few" Suggestions I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 23, 2009 1:28 pm

Well for start I'd like to say that it's nice overall , the skin and the order on the forums but some things I would prefer a little different , like theese :

- If the forum let's you modify the order to add more forums like you see on the first page that "Forum" from up to get divided into 3 forums which could be something like "Public Forum" , "Guild Forum" and "Class Forums" with theyr corresponding attributions , public to all , guild one just for members etc;

- Same as the one above , if it's possible to add the DKP link on the upper side of the webside near the "Home","Calendar" one's (on that list);

- Also some threads made locked , subforums which miss moderator group;

- Dunno if they are made or not , forums to be hiden except the one's that should remain public , to all except members which registered and are added in the guild grp or something like a password so that we won't find anyone trolling in this forum;

- Many Renames like for example "Ahn'qiraj" on top changed with "Ahn'Qiraj" , "Anything not related too World of Warcaft" changed to "Anything which isn't related to World of Warcraft" and more but no point to add them all here , you understand my point Smile.

That should be it for now in my opinion , will say some more ideas when I'll have them Razz , waiting for answer !.

P.S. : Why am I writing this? Because I usualy like to see things in order in which noone can complain about it.
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A "Few" Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: A "Few" Suggestions   A "Few" Suggestions I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 23, 2009 4:43 pm

Hey Icethouh Smile

Nice Suggestions and so one i will work on getting it all fixed... It takes some time too see it all through when we are raiding and so one too Razz and i aint the best too get up in the morning Smile but i will try work it out Smile

Again thanks alot for the Suggestions
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A "Few" Suggestions
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