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PostSubject: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:57 am


The guild is an institution by it self and it should be treated as such. Intuition has made a name for itself by being a guild filled with honorable people. We have earned the respect of the server by showing respect to others (even those who ordinarily may not deserve or return such respect). We place high value on honor in this guild, which means treating your fellow players with respect, whether in game or on any public forums. If you can't be polite, don't post. If you can't say something right, don't say it...behave as an adult. Your actions reflect upon the entire guild, and any misconduct or disrespect of fellow players will not be tolerated and may inflict serious damage to the guild. We want to establish and maintain a reputation for being a quality raiding guild, full of helpful and active members who are an excellent addition to any group or party... do your best to live up to these expectations.

1. Guild chat:

- Do not insult or antagonize your guild mates. A joke may be fine but learn when to back off and always apologize if you take things too far and offend somebody. If you ask for help and do not receive it immediately, don't get angry and abusive. Remember that the officers are very busy and people are often tied up doing their own thing.
- Racism, sexism, homophobia and religion disrespect are not tolerated and will not be tolerated. Breaking this rule will earn you very few warnings before demotion and if the offense continues you will be removed from the guild.
- Spamming is to be kept to a minimum. A little playing around is ok but too much gets annoying and prevents important information from being relayed.(This does not mean that you can not make jokes and chat with means that you do not spam annoying blabbering a.k.a "Dirge spam")
- Guild chat is private, do not repeat what is read in guild chat to anybody outside of the guild without an officers permission.
- Please write in English on guild chat, because Intuition is a multicultural guild. Use private channels to speak on your language (It's not nice people to read something that they don't understand, or actually to understand something that is not meant to be put on guild chat.

2. In-guild interaction:

- Know the difference between advice and criticism, if you feel a guild mate is lacking in some way then think of a way to suggest improvement other than telling them that they suck. A suggested method on how they could go about doing so would make a good start.
- Do NOT abandon your guild mates. If they are being ganked nearby then help them. If you are both part of a PUG group and your guild mate is kicked, then leave the party. If somebody is stuck, help get them unstuck. WE ARE A TEAM so we act like one.
- Teamwork for the win! Show preference to guild mates when forming parties, selling items or offering services. Help each other complete quests and instances, especially for attunements and keys. Every time you pull together and help a guilty out, you strengthen the guild as a whole. "All for one and one for all" a very familiar motto.
3d: DO NOT ASK TO ACCESS ANYBODIES ACCOUNT BUT YOUR OWN. Sharing your account with anybody is a bad idea.

3. Raids and instances:

- Follow the instructions of the raid leader and officers. A simple rule with severe punishment for being broken. If you are given an order then carry it out without complaint.
- Keep vent clear. Only officers, raid leaders and the GM may speak on vent while in a raid, chat is allowed within reason for instances. Spamming vent causes lag, a failure to relay orders and often results in wipes and angry leaders. Only speak if it is relevant and important to the task ahead.
- Come prepared. Have yourself repaired and properly equipped with reagents and potions before you turn up for the raid. Holding off the raid for one person to go back to town will not put you in a favorable light. If you need anything that can help on the future task don't be afraid to ask the guild, you are all here to finish the task as best as you can.
- Know your job and focus on it, don't worry about what other people should be doing or competing for the damage meter, the raid leader has it under control. Trust your GM, RL's and your guild mates that they are doing their job.
- Keep damage meters reports to yourself. It does not matter how much you did damage/heal if you wipe on that try...the only thing that matters is did you do your job as best as you can.
- Remember that GM and officers/CL are trying their best to please everybody, sometimes that is going on another way than yours, but you should always trust them that they are looking for the best interest for the guild (always the best interest for the guild is best interest for yourself too).
- Items don't wins fights, focus wins fights.
- Items don't wins fights, skill wins fights.
- Flaming don't wins fights, respect wins fights.
- "One man army “don’t wins fights, teamwork wins fights.
- Membership/Raider - It's a privilege and not a right.

Raid Rules

- Raid invites start at 18.45
- Players must be in the instance before pull time.(*)
- Players MUST be at the raiding zone before 18.45 to get invites.
- Players who didn't get invite but are online can still get standby dkp for being there, see full rules in the full rules post.
- Players will be invited according to their CLASS LEADERS' selection and boss setup.
- It is not ALLOWED to talk in general chat in raidining zone.(*)
- Players SHOULDN'T GO afk long in the middle of the raid or between boss combats.(*)
- Players should come with their consumables, pots and they must be repaired before raid.(*)
- All players must watch some movies or study the tactics of the boss that is on progress.(*)
- If you have to go offline soon in the middle of the raid(In case emergency or stuff like that) please tell your class leader/officer before 15 minutes (if is posible)so he can find another replacement...(Not sooner or after)(*)
- Don't use ventrilo too often unless you have urgent to tell.
- When you missed a blessing or buff, just whisper to a player who can do that buff or tell it in RAID CHAT(don't use ventrilo).
- If you won't be able to raid or will be late for a raid, please post on forum - AFK - TOPIC.
- Should you require a summon after a wipe or in another situation please whisper any Warlock and don't make us lose time.
- If we had downed the boss before all players in the raid should know that boss no tactics will be told. But ofc you can ask questions about boss if u haven't been there (but studied and watched movies!)...(*)
- Try not to make a mistake in boss combats that we are "already on farm status"(*)

All players are assumed as they have read this topic.

(*) In case of the violation of those issues you will get a punishment according to the main rules thread.

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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:59 am


- At the moment after guild reform there's only one DKP board for Intuition for all instances.
That DKP board is located under the following address: comming soon!


- We still think fixed price DKP system is the way to go, better then bidding, but boss values had to be changed to make it work better.
DKP values of bosses in Heart of Fear/ Mogu'shan Vaults/ Terrace of Endless Spring will be awarded according to the following list:

normal - 4 dkp per boss
last boss - 10 dkp
hc - 6 dkp per boss
hc last boss - 15 dkp
- First kills will give double value of normal DKP. After second kill boss turns to farm status with normal DKP awarded.
- Special bonus is also awarded to online people at raid days when not enough people show up to raid or when people stay late raiding.
- Special bonus DKP for comming on Time: 18.45-19.00 is 15min period for earning dkp on time.


- Players being on standby will receive 100% DKP of the boss kill DKP value... (same applies to training bosses)
- Standby value for FIRST BOSS KILL will be 100% of the first boss kill dkp...


- Summoning into instance WILL NOT be used as a standard measure, only in case of emergency or to hasten raid progress.
With the above in mind, if you want to be noted as a standby player and receive standby DKP you HAVE TO be available for raiding during the time raid takes place. You do not have to stay in raid zone. However... this calls into existance following new rules.
Due to the fact that players no longer need to stay in raid zone and to make things managable for an officer keeping track of standby people, it is assumed that ALL GUILDMEMBERS who are online during raid hours are on standby from the moment raid starts.

If you DO NOT WISH TO BE PUT ON STANDBY LIST, you are required to whisper the officer doing standbys immediatelly after raid starts. One such whisper is enough for entire evening. Should you decide to change your status, you need to whisper again. You must receive a reply from said officer confirming that he/she noticed your whisper. It's in your best interest to screenshot such reply as evidence in case of a mistake on part of the officer.

In standby status you are required to stay on Vent in raid channel and inform your Class Leader or Raid Leader (only if your Class Leader is offline), that you are ready to join raid and waiting for a spot.

You can go offline from game or log in on alt char, but you have to whisper the officer doing standbys prior to going offline and make sure you get a confirmation as described above for stating your standby/not standby status. You have to stay on vent IN RAID CHANNEL and respond immediatelly to a call to log in.

If we call you to get in, you should be able to cross the instance portal and be inside in maximum time of 3 minutes (if you get ganked by the entrance, the timer resets).

If you are on standby and you go AFK or fail to respond to invite within 3 minutes, you may not get invites for some time into raid and a penalty DKP may be voted for you by the officer's.

Due to setting much more laxed rules for standby DKP, which basically allow you to do whatever you want while the rest of the guild tries to progress, bleeds out, dies multiple times and pay horrific repair fees, we feel that leeching the standby DKP system is even more unacceptable then ever before. Due to that it is decided that the penalty for leeching the system should be set painfully high, in order to counter any possible tries of subverting the system. All penalties with -DKP values are listed in the bottom part of this post.

In case of serious trouble with vent, especially lack of player slots, officers may request for some people to leave the Ventrilo server, which stands against normally applied rules. In an event of such situation primarily people who stay on their main chars should leave vent, due to the fact that we simply can still contact them through Guild Chat. People offline or on alts should still remain on vent. In the even that there still won't be enough server slots, people who remain on alts will be asked to Raid Leader, Class Leader and Standby Person informing about the name of the alt they are playing on, so we can contact them even when they leave vent. People, who are logged out, due to no other means of contacting them, will remain on vent. IN AN EXTREME case of lack of slots, people who logged may be asked to log back into the game and leave vent.


Item values will be set according to the mod, but we will look closely at them and correct the values if they don't look right. Aditionally prices for all items, weapons and T13/14/15 tokens will be fixed to the following values, not to the values mod will give for them:

Two handed Weapons: 70 Dkp
One handed Weapon: 50Dkp
T7 Tokens: 60 dkp

If a person takes the item given day his expenditure will be taken into account, so if by buying an item such person drops below someone else in DKP value, on next roll it's taken into account. Player with most DKP gets the item he/she rolls for.

Items will be rolled on in the following order:
Tier tokens
Double-handed weapons
One-handed weapons
Rest of the crap

If no one rolls on the item, that item will be put to an off-spec roll (half price). If still no one rolls for the item, it will be placed for an open roll for 1/4 of the normal price. In open roll person who rolls highest wins, not the person with highest DKP. Main spec items will always be rolled on for full DKP price. If no one rolls in normal roll, roll for off-specc or 1/4 open roll, item will be disenchanted and the resulting mats will be put into guildbank.


Items gained by the char are charged to that char on the DKP board. However, if it's established that the owner of the char did not want the item, the driver of the char who rolled for that char will be charged DOUBLE FULL PRICE DKP VALUE.

If there's ANY doubt as to who is driving a given char, the driver will be asked to speak up on Vent or any other available voice chat system, so that Master Looter may be certain of such person's identity. Not having voice communication capabilitiy won't be accepted as an excuse, as such capability is one of minimum requirements to raid with this guild.

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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:01 am


Due to the fact that guild members are not robots who play 24h/7d, we have surplus in every class to cover for people who are offline. Many times it creates a situation where we have more people of a given class then spots. Here are the guidelines and explanation how this guild is trying to share raid spots.

Composition of raid is decided by the Raid Leader who gives Class Leaders information about how many people and what specc of a given class is needed.

Class Leader/officer decides who he/she invites to the raid.

DO NOT whisper Raid Leader or GM about raid spots unless your Class Leader is OFFLINE

IF the CL is offline, RL/officer or GM may ask one person from the class to decide the spots or he may choose people himself. In a circuimstance such as this, spots may not be decided with all factors in mind, but please note that no one can remember everything about everyone, so RL or GM may distribute spots not according to what's expected. Please... be forgiving. Raid Leader and GM are not a robot also.

In distributing raid spots following factors should be taken in mind by the Class Leaders:

Is the player correctly specced for raid needs? -> If not, no prio.
Is the player in raid zone at raid hour? -> If not, less or no prio. (once raid starts all people on standby have equal prio in this aspect)
Is the player meeting minimum requirements for a boss? -> If not, less prio. (If player is way below minimum, no prio)
Is the player prepared for the fight (consumables&required gear)? -> If not, less or no prio.
Can the player stay for the entire duration of the fight with possible wipes in mind? -> If not, less prio. (If it's training boss and player can't stay for the whole evening, CL should consider taking someone else who can stay for the duration of entire raid)
Have the player attended training bosses or just came for farmables? -> If only farmable bosses, less or no prio.

NOTE1: On training bosses players who can stay the entire duration of raid from 18:45 untill and even pass midnight, get prio over those who have to leave early.

NOTE2: On training bosses if a boss will be raided also next day if it's not killed earlier, prio goes to players who can come following day aswell.

NOTE3: On training bosses players who already trained on the boss get prio over players who didn't train on it yet. It puts players who didn't get initial spots in a disadvantage, but we must observe, that taking new people for each boss training means zero progress on boss usually. This guild is focused on progress, even though we also crave some loots. Smile

If all players have equal prio on raid spot and there are still more players then spots, class leader should perform a roll deciding who gets a spot and who doesn't. Guild members in a situation like this are also encouraged to pass spots on bosses they don't need and ask for spots on bosses they need something from.


- DKP PRIO BASED RAID SPOT: A player who has most DKP gets the item if he rolls on it, according to our system. If a player with most DKP in a given class looses roll/prio on a boss and he expresses a desire to go anyway, because he/she wishes to roll on the item if it drops, such player gets a spot in raid and the person with lowest roll looses a spot. The player who uses DKP PRIO BASED RULE HAS TO ROLL on the item if it drops.

ATTUNMENT/QUEST PRIO RAID SPOT: ATM this rule probably won't be used, but should it happen in the future that we again have to tackle bosses which give attunments or are required for completing special quests, class leaders and raid leader should take notice of people who haven't completed the attunment/quest yet and try to give raid spots to them over people who have completed attunments/quests already.

ALTS: Untill all content is on confirmed farm status alts will be invited into raid ONLY if there's a shortage of members online and invitation of alt into raid is absolutelly necessary in order to progress. In any other case guild members have absolute raid spot prio over any alt. Once all content is on farm discussion about taking alts into raids can be reopened with a possibility of setting a currency priced system for items based on which alts will be able to buy items for gold which will be contributed to guild bank or distributed evenly among guild members or other chars in raid.
RL or GM can act with alt in raid if there is second raid for same contest.

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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:02 am


Founders of this guild, when they created it, wanted to make a guild achieving progress in friendly and overall hassle free atmosphere. This was to be achieved by accepting input from all people in raid and by not punishing or not kicking people who make a mistake, unless the mistake keeps being repeated.

These goals are still valid, although we may have some controversy over them sometimes.

Following are the detailed penalty rules of this guild, which we will now try to enforce. (Note: These are values for all tiers DKP. Standard -DKP

- Not being registered with the forum = -10 DKP
Forum is our informational hub. It's new guild member first obligation to register here, read the rules, tactics, etc. Present guild members should have an account already. New members should register and ask administrator for administration as soon as they join. CL should inform new members about that obligations when they invite them. Forum registration checks will be performed randomly.

- Not using flask/elixirs/pots in raid = -1 DKP
Consumables on bosses give us an edge we sometimes need to overcome the boss, our deficiencies in gear or skills. Even if you have imba gear, some don't and often your healing or damage must cover for their weaknesses. Not using consumables when other's do, means that you leech progress and items from them. Consumable checks take place only after RAID WARRNING to use consumables. If you used elixirs and died, you should rebuff before boss is pulled. It's ok to use only one elixir, as many classes don't need two and we're unable to check who needs what and it would be unfair to force people to use 2 when they need just one. Consumable check may happen on every pull, so it's is possible to get nx-1DKP per evening, especially on training.

- Coming to raid unprepared = -2 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit
Above penalties can be applied solo or all together to a person who is found to be unprepared while the raid has already started and the person IS in raid. Range of the penalties is decided by the person's class leader. Other officer's have a right of VETO if they see the class leader's decision as too harsh. In such case all online officers perform a vote and the penalty is decided by the vote. If a class leader fails to propose a penalty for player who is clearly unprepared other officers have a right to ask for a penalty for a given player. Suggestion is then put through a vote made by all online officers and the penalty is decided by the outcome of the vote. An officer who disagrees with the result of the vote can state VOTUM SEPARATUM from the vote, declaring his disagreement; however the notion then still passes. If a class leader is deemed biased about penalties towards various members of his class, other officer's should suggest a class leader change... Examples of not being prepared: not knowing tactics, not having right spec, not having right gear, coming with broken gear, not bringing special required consumables, not having updated vital add-ons, having PC or connection difficulties and not informing about them prior pulls, esp. making entire raid wait because, ex. you haven't setup your vent, etc. <- These are just examples, not a full possible range.

- CONTINOUS talking on general chat during raid after request to STOP = -2 DKP

Accidental post on general chat or brief conversation on general chat OUTSIDE combat is not punishable. Getting into discussion with other guilds in the instance DURING combat is forbidden. We are to focus on combat then. Raid leader and class leader has a right to request SILENCE ON GENERAL CHAT. All guild members should then obey. Repeated violation of the silence call will result in -2 DKP. This rule is enforced simply to avoid situation when people loose focus on fight and focus on chat. Silence can also be requested if the chat on general becomes any sort of piss-ass-talk with other guild. Please, sort your issues with other guilds in hours other then raid hours. We are in the instance to kill, not to chat. Smile

- Posting any 25 or 10-man raid meters in any chat during or after the raid = -2 DKP
In many cases the "dps meter worship" or "healing meter worship" leads to wipes due to people overaggro or running out of mana in critical situations. Toping the meter is NOT the goal. Kill the boss is. Therefore this guild doesn't allow any meter posting with the exception of Raid Leader who has the right to post the meters when a specific raid situation demands a comment, for example: pointing out that someone is not doing enough DPS/healing or not Decursing/Clensing/Dispelling. Another exception are class specific channels where the class CL may post meters to comment on class performance. CL can also post specific meters on Raid Chat if it's needed to present a point valid for tactics change/improvement. A raid member may post meters to show something important, if it's agreed with Raid Leader or his Class Leader.

- Linking loots from boss or any gear/drops links after the boss goes down = -10 DKP
Looting the boss is a sensitve time where extra care and discipline has to be excercised to avoid any confusion. Linking anything may cause people to make a mistake and roll or not roll for an item they may or may not need. Aditionally posting links in that phase also confuses people in charge of the DKP boards, who may write down as loot from the boss an item that did not actually drop. Therefore just prior the boss kill or during looting ONLY MASTER LOOTER has the right to post loot links. It is acceptable and allowed to repost loot links to guild chat AFTER master looter posts the drops in raid chat. Any sort of confusion during looting phase can lead to mistakes requireing GM assistance and also slows us down. Don't do it.

- False, prank rolling on item drops = -10 DKP / -DKP equal to item value
Looting the boss is a sensitve time where extra care and discipline has to be excercised to avoid any confusion. Prank rolling on any item causes problems when checking who should get the item and generally slows the raid down and also may lead to giving an item to a person who didn't actually need it, while the actual needer stays emptyhanded. Aditionally prank rolling confuses people in charge of the DKP boards, who then may charge a wrong person with DKP for the item. Standard penalty for such prank shall be -2 DKP. If due to a prank a raid looses time or an item gets sent to a wrong person, such person will receive -DKP equal to the price of the item and will be required to make a GM ticket to give the item to the correct person who will also be charged with the item price. If the item can not be returned the prankster get's charged 2x item price, one as normal charge for obtaining the item second as penalty.

- NINJA BOSS OR TRASH PULL resulting in raid wipe or nearly raid wipe = -10 DKP
Not negotiable. Example: Someone accidentally walks into boss aggro range. NOTE: Healers trying to rez people close to boss are asked to be cautious. Aggroing a boss while trying to rez someone won't result in -2DKP for the healer. If there was "ALL RUN" command and healer wiped a raid while trying to rezz someone who didn't run all online officer's vote for -DKP for the person who didn't run and made healer wipe the raid by forcing the healer to try to rez him/her.

- Stupid NINJA BOSS OR TRASH PULL resulting in raid wipe or nearly raid wipe = -20 DKP
Penalty voted upon by all online officer's. If the notion passes, person get's -10 DKP. Example: Someone acts crazy, runs around and aggroes the boss by simply acting irresponsibly.

- Repeated not running on ALL RUN command or AFKing in raid without warrning or for too long or doing anything that serves to delay a raid considerably = -2 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit
You are slowing our progress. It's understandable that sometimes you may have to do something IRL (WC?) and not run, but if a situation repeats itself many times during raid, it's not acceptable. Penalty and the range of penalty is decided in same way as for the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule.

- AFKing in raid instance for a long amount of time forcing the raid to wait for game to auto-kick-player = -20 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit
Notes same as for above.

- Making a mistake on a new boss in combat - NO PENALTY

- Making repeated, same mistakes on a new boss in combat = -5 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit
Penalty and range of penalty decided same as in the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule.

- Making a mistake which clearly is a result of not paying attention to tactics given by raid leader prior to pull = -10DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit
Penalty and range of penalty decided same as in the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule. Example: Running to a wrong spot with DOOM on Azgalor. Taking a wrong portal on Kalecgos.

- Making a mistake on a difficult aspect of farmable boss combat = -5DKP
Shit happens

- Making a mistake on easy aspect of farmable boss combat = -10DKP
Penalty decided same as in the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule.

- Making a mistake on easy aspect of farmable boss combat resulting in raid wipe = -20DKP

Penalty decided same as in the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule.

- Cursing and screaming and offending people once = -5DKP / -10DKP / -20DKP

You are expected to appologize if you offended someone. Apologize when you cool down, so it's sincere. In most cases the person who acted stupid or made a mistake really meant well and they are 2x sad: 1=responsibility for wipe & 2=getting screamed at. For first offence you get lowest rank of penalty, if the flaming continues the numbers will grow STACKING. So for engaging in piss fest twice you get -10, three times is -20 DKP. Stacking of this penalty will be decided by all online Officers.

- Cursing and screaming and offending people repeatedly = -10 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit / guild kick
Penalty and range of penalty decided same as in the "Coming to raid unprepared" rule. Basically if the first cursing rule goes beyond anything you could still tolerate, this rule gets to be used.

- Burping or making any sort of unpleasant sounds on vent on purpose = -20 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit / guild kick
While it is understandable that some people need to play without the "Press to talk" function enabled and it may happen that we'll hear an ocassional cough or a sneeze or even some background talk, it is however unacceptable for any guildmember to produce any kind of uggly sound on vent on purpose, like for example loud burping.

- Leeching standby DKP rules = -100 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit / guild kick

Simply... don't. It's really unfair to people who spend entire evening wiping in an instance on bosses. You are not here just to gear up your char. You are here to make the guild progress

- Leaving in middle of raid = -20 DKP / raid spot forfeit / prolonged raid spot forfeit / guild kick
Penalty voted upon by all online officers when someone most probably leaves the raid for reasons that are not beyond his/hers control.


Anyone can reroll his main specc only one time if he whish. First need to get premision from his CL and explain why wanna reroll specc. Price who need to pay for that is wipe DKP on 50% on his total status. After that he can earn and roll on item for his curent specc. In what specc will be in raid depand what raid leader or cl asking to be. Respec during raid or before start raid are in main rules for enter in Intuition.

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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:17 am

DKP SYSTEM IN 3.2 and beyond

If is new expansion all tables are reset to 0.
ALL DKP table will be reset with coming new tier armor to 0 dkp for ALL. Starting DKP table will be create follow by Attendance and earned dkp (activity in raid/standby is same value ). Same table will be EFFECTED by personal attendance what can be positive and negative.
If is new expansion all tables are reset to 0
Example: player XXX have 90% activity in raid what will be close to start 90dkp points But if was afk in raid,ninja pull boss coz wipe or no consumable from 90dkp will be take -10 for afk, -5 for ninja pull, -1 for Consumable. What will effect with loosing big % from his personal table for all work in few mounts in Ulduar raids.

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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:58 pm

DKP SYSTEM in 3.3 for Main/Offspecc

- Item roll for main specc is FULL dkp
- Item roll for OffSpecc is 0 DKP
- Since change to dual specc and raid setup for serpent bosses require more healers/dps/tank and to create more flexible and quality raid DKP for offspecc is Lifted !

- Buying item and NOT using in moment or later you change your mind you pay FULL dkp without return no meeter of what.

- As offspec count only rolling as diferent specc tank, healer and dps.

- Rolling item for main of offspecc as dual dps is not accepted. example

warrior - fury,arms
warlock - demo.affli.desto
rogue - combat,ass.
hunter -
DK - frost,blood.unholy,
priest - holy/disc

All this class rolling for any item for MAIN specc since there roll is DPS no matter for speccs. Specs many time change durring patches but main roll stay same DPS,

Rolling for OFFspec:

warrior - tank - dps(fury,arms)
paladin - tank - dps - heal
druid - tank - dps feral - balance - resto
shaman - resto - elemental - enhansment
DK - tank - dps(frost,unholy)
Priest - healer - dps
rogue - dps (all 3 specc)
warlock - dps (all 3 specc)
hunter - dps (all 3 specc)
mage - dps ( all 3 specc)
monk - tank - dps - heal
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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:36 pm

11. Flask and Fiest in 5.04

flask and first are raid wide buff who can be provide for hole raid, players will chance to earn EXTRA plus dkp for donate mats into guild bank recording by this list:

List is not created still we are waiting for MoP come online and set the proper amount of balance per week.
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PostSubject: Re: GENERAL INTUITION RULES   Mon Sep 03, 2012 5:32 pm

DKP for T14/T15/T16

u can see it here: UnderConstruction

- ALL DKP for T14 are reset to 0.
- ALL DKP for T15 will be taken from all attendance in T14 as START for T15 ( % of how much attendance you have will be amount of dkp for t15 )
- IF u attendance drop under 75% U CANT use DKP. Temporaly BAN. U can use again when u go above 75% attandance.

DKP system and value on items for T14/T15/T16(*):

- Standby is 100% from based DKP per boss
- First kill is 200% DKP
- Item roll for main specc is FULL dkp
- Offspecc is 0% DKP ( loot sorted by council loot system - Since change to dual specc and raid setup for serpent bosses require more healers/dps/tank and to create more flexible and quality raid - DKP for offspecc is Lifted )
- Buying item and NOT using in moment or later you change your mind you pay FULL dkp without return no meeter of what.
- As offspec count only rolling as diferent specc tank, healer and dps.
- Rolling item for main of offspecc as dual dps is not accepted.
- HARD mode will benefit 50% more DKP
- When all bosses will be on farm HARD mode will have same value as normal kill.

Normal Kill:
- ALL bosses give 4 dkp
- last boss 6 dkp
HARD mode:
- ALL bosses give 6 dkp
- last boss 9 dkp
First kill Normal:
- ALL bosses give 8 dkp
- last boss 12 dkp
First kill HARD mode:
- ALL bosses 12 dkp
- last boss 18 dkp

Loot List(*):

- 2H / token - 60 DKP
- 1h / trinket / wand - 50 DKP
- Legs/Head/Chest/Shoulders/Shield/Rings/Amulet - 35 DKP
- Belt/Feet/Gloves/Wrist/Cloak - 25 DKP

Items for hard mode value(*):

- 2H / token - 80 DKP
- 1h / trinket / wand - 65 DKP
- Legs/Head/Chest/Shoulders/Shield/Rings/Amulet - 45 DKP
- Belt/Feet/Gloves/Wrist/Cloak - 35 DKP

- Drop from trash is same DKP as list from Boss (depand on ilvl)
- paterns drops in raid will be sorted by council loot system

- Legendary items will be sorted by Council Loot system

- Any ITEM who DONT benefit the raid and depend of his nature will be sorted by council loot with different methods ( rolls assigments etc)

(*) all value on gain and spent can be changed if we considering the balance is not properly made
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