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 Application Frost Mage Ribben

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PostSubject: Application Frost Mage Ribben   Application Frost Mage Ribben I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 14, 2014 2:55 pm

1. Personal Information:

Name: Tallon Hatch
Age: 27
Nationality: English
Occupation: Career

The hours you can dedicate to raiding.

Monday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Tuesday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Wednesday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Thursday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Friday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Saturday - 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time
Sunday – 19:30 - 24:00 Server Time

- Tell us anything that could prevent you from getting to raid on time or making you have to take a break and/or leave (dinner, taking out the garbage or having to walk the dog at a specific time) Answer, Yes or No. If yes, please explain (in detal) what it is and at what times:


2. System information:[/b]

- Technical specifications of your computer / s:
(Please include information about your computer / s RAM, Microprocessor, Graphics card basically).

Ram = 6gig
CPU = I7 3.4ghz
Graphics = Geforce GTX660

- Technical characteristics of your connection:

70 Meg DL
3 meg UL

- How much ping are you used to playing with?

Home: 30-35
World: 30-35

- How much FPS do you have in:

Stormwind/Orgrimmar: 100fps

Raid Places: 60- 100 fps

5 Man Heroic's: 90- 100 fps

- In Intuition we use ventrilo to talk during raids and believe that its use is necessary to maintain a smooth and effective communication.

I have Ventrilo: Yes / Mumble
I have Microphone: Yes
I speak by Ventrilo: Yes

3. Your character Information:

Name: Ribben
Server: Ala'kir
Current Guild: Snaginanesh
Class and Spec: Mage / Frost
Professions: Jc / Inscription
Total time played: 40days
Time played this level: 21days

- Armory Link: (

- Gear upgrades: Gear choices, Gem choices:
Tell us here what Gems you currently use in which sockets (+Hit in Blue, +Haste in yellow, etc). (Use links to Wowhead for the new gear that you wish to upgrade to):

Yellow - Haste
Red - 320 JC intel
Blue - Hit / Haste
Orange - Expertise / Haste

Main Item that needs upgrading is currently boots, would like :

- Offspec:
(If you have gear and experience with another spec of your class, comment about it here)

Off - spec is switch between arcane and fire.

- Alts:
(Any alts that you have (at max level) that you have a decent level of experience with that could be used in our Alt Raids) - Ele Shamman / Enhance OS - Arms / Tank OS

4. Information about Previous guilds:

- Write which instances you have done at level cap.
(For any instances tht you did not kill the final boss in, say how which boss you got up to and did not kill. For WotLK and Cata raids provide 10 man, 10 man HC, 25 man and 25 man HC.)

Cleared: Firelands Normal + HC 10 Man ( accept Ragnaros) and Dragon Soul 10 Man HC Full Clear with Tainted Blood at max level 85 with Warr.

Currently up to Thok HC down 10 man with current Guild on Mage and Ele Sham.

- In what encounters you had been stagnant/progressing for longer amounts of time?
(Describe here what boss's held you and your guild up for a longer amount of time then you expected and why.)

Spoils SoO HC - we lascked the players and comminment from the raid to get this boss killled too many nights logging to find not enough players to make a Raid group

- About your previous guilds:
(Indicates which guilds you have been a part of, which characters you were playing and what happened to make you leave/get kicked).

Tainted Blood - Left Guild when others joined Intuition. Main was my Warrior.
Left Server to Join Current Guild Snaginanesh to play with some friends. Main was my shamman and when the raid requirements changed I swapped to my Mage to be my main as we had 5/10 people all sharing the same Tier Token.
Want to leave because they only want to play 10 man HC's and dont want to merge with another guild to form a 25man HC team, and I want to play 25man HC's

5. UI and style of play:

- Your addons:
(Make a short list of your UI addons you find most helpful and necessary to fulfill your role in raid.)

Deadly Boss Mod,
Weak Auras,

- Screenshot(s) of your UI:
(Where your interface of raid is seen well, with keybinds visible. You can use imageshack or xs to raise jpg)

- Experience using addons:
(Do you have problems when installing a new addon? Do you use any manager/client? Can you change the LUA code of the addons to fix mistakes or change things to your liking?)

I use Curse Cliant so have no trouble installing new addons.

Any combat report(s) to show how you perform in raids, please post it here

The current Guild I am in does not run world of Logs

6. Intuition and You

- Why you connect every day to the World of Warcraft?

I love playing the game for all aspects of it PVE and PVP. I like to play multiple chars so it gives me a greater understanding of what classes can do what. I like to talk to people and be social and would like to start running Challenge Modes for the Mage gear.

- How important is loot for you?
(Explain in detail the reasons for your answer.)

It is always nice to get loot but it is not the main reason to Raid I play more for progression and killing bosses loot is just the secondary reward!

- Ability to contribute ideas to the progression of our raids:
(What role do you adopt when it comes time to meet a new boss and create a new strategy, or if you see something not working?)

I like to listen what other have to say and if i feel i can contribute in any way i will speak up or message the raid leader.

- Do you think you've hit the end of your carerr with your character in World of Warcraft?

No, you can always improve and get better as i feel you never fully stop learning a char.

-Why do you choose Intuition?

I have friends in the guild who i used to raid with in Tainted Blood and Athaile told me you were recruiting for active players and as i want to play 25man HC's it seemed right.

- What do you expect from Intuition?

I hope to be a part of the main raid team or at least given the chance to prove that i can be a reliable, comitted player that will turn up ready for Raids and be on time.

- Do you have anybody in Intuition that can speak to us for you?
(if yes, specify their names and what you know.)

Yes, Athaile

- Additional Information:
(Give us comment's about any aspect that you consider important for you and was not in previously form.)

I would like also to part of any 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 or RBG teams as i also have a keen interest in PVP though Raiding is the reason for me playing WOW.

7. To finalize...
- Finally, tell us a joke:
(No, not kidding. This section we take VERY serious!)

A guy walks into a bar sits down says to the bartender give me a Jack and Coke. The bartender comes over hands him an apple which the guy reply's what the hell is this. Bartender looks at him and says bite it. So he takes a bite of the apple says O MY GOD that tastes like Jack.
Bartender then tells him to turn it around. So he turns the apple around and takes another bite. Once again he says O MY GOD that tastes like Coke. so the guy has a few and starts to get alil tipsey then asks the bartender for a Jaguer Bomb once again he hands him an apple.
So he takes a bite and it tastes like Jaguer he turns it around and it tastes like Red Bull. He has a few more and is now at this point pretty drunk he looks at the bartender and says to bad you dont have one that tastes like p*ssy. The bartender simply smiles and throws him another apple.
The guy looks at him with astonishment on his face then takes a bit he soon spits the pieces of apple on the bar and yells THAT TASTES LIKE SHIT!!!!!! The bartender simply smiles and says turn it around.

Thank you for You time.


Tallon "Ribben" Hatch
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PostSubject: Re: Application Frost Mage Ribben   Application Frost Mage Ribben I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 14, 2014 3:18 pm

transfer when u can. exp and gear match on requirements
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PostSubject: Re: Application Frost Mage Ribben   Application Frost Mage Ribben I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 8:06 pm

Welcome to Intuition Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Application Frost Mage Ribben   Application Frost Mage Ribben I_icon_minitime

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Application Frost Mage Ribben
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